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What is it?

LEXICON is a collection of high level javascript libraries to create interactive and synchronizable graphs and dashboards. I am updating these pages slowly.

White papers, white papers..Blood & Tears

Below is a list of publications that contributed to this project.

DEOGEN2: About a year old project. It is a machine learning based prediction software for human mutations. We used about half of the visualization modules here for this project (A.K.A Mutaframe):

The Story

About a year ago I started working on the Mutaframe project where we developed a data-visualization platform for all variants of the Human Genome:

We tried concepts that has not been tried in bioinformatics such as:

To be able to do these, I needed components that can exactly do what I want. So I wrote a whole library of components from scratch using vanilla JS and D3:

There are currently 8 libraries (components or whatever you want to call them). Each has or will have their own repository & Gists:








What are the advantages?


Add the correspoding script tag (look for the .js files either in the dev folder or beta folder) to your html file. For usage, refer to the individual repository for the module you liked (if exists at the moment). Or take a look at the gists if possible.


I ocasionally upload videos to illustrate use cases. Those who are coming from white paper references, below is a link that shows how you can try synchronible lexicon-modules (sorry for the voice, there was a problem with the microphone ☹ ):

Individual Repos

Below are the links to the individual repos:

If you cannot find the module above, then look inside the dev folder in this repository. If you also happen to find a version inside the beta folder, I strongly suggest you use that.








Lisenced under GPL for Academic or Non-profit use only. It is dual licensed for commercial applications. Certain components have registered IP property rights, contact me if you have questions.



Just a small reminder:

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Thank You!

Ibrahim Tanyalcin PhD